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International Scientific Journal on Creative and Knowledge Society

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Creative and Knowledge Society is an international scientific journal publishing original scientific articles and scientific studies based on theoretical and empirical analyses. 

Published by

Pan-European University, n.o.

Tomášikova 20, 821 02 Bratislava, Slovakia, IČO: 36 077 429

The journal is comprised of main and related section

Main Section:

Economics/Creative Economy 

International Business/Knowledge Transfer 

Management/Knowledge Transfer/Creativity 

Marketing/Knowledge Transfer/Creativity 

Intellectual Property Protection/Creative Economy 

Related Section:

Media/Marketing Communication/Creativity 

Informatics/Information and Communication





Aims and Scope

The aim of the Creative and Knowledge Society journal is to be recognized worldwide as one of the leading forums of discourse for human creativity, extending across different disciplines, whilst providing substantial contributions ranging from scientific research to innovative approaches addressing new, controversial, and potential developments at the interface between creative society and related fields. The journal’s central idea is to enable great variety of ways how to challenge, facilitate and protect potential in creative and knowledge society.

The journal welcomes high-quality contributions concerning interdisciplinary concepts in a form of integrative literature reviews, and original submissions concerning topics encompassing creativity and knowledge transfer. Articles are welcomed from all parts of the world. If possible, article should demonstrate theories, report empirical and analytical research, present critical discourses, apply theories to case studies, and set out innovative research methodologies. 

The journal publishes two issues annually; one in the spring (July) and one in the fall (December). The journal publishes independently peer-reviewed original full-length research articles, review articles and book reviews. All views expressed in the Creative and Knowledge Society journal are those of the authors only and do not necessarily represent the views of the Pan-European University, the Editorial Board, the staff, or any associates of the journal.


Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

§ All publications in the international scientific journal on Creative and Knowledge Society must be elaborated in compliance with the publication ethics. The editorial board expects that all parties involved in the act of publishing will present ethical behaviour in accordance with the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and other guidelines approved by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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