Project Summary english

The project "Creating Innovative Study Materials for the "newly" accredited Programme Management in Public Administration" aims at the content and the didactic features of the texts and modern universtiy learning texts utilized in the teaching and learning processes at the Faculty of Economics and Business Pan-European University in Bratislava and at the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development. The project comprises several elements supporting progress such as: innovative learning texts for the core subjects supplemented by cases studies in management, administration, in public and private sectors, case studies by successfull managers at different levels of management in local and regional self-governments, central government The innovative approach lies in the link between theory and practice. Modern bilingual course books in Slovak-English version are not available at the market at the moment, so such course books for management and public administration will represent a unique part of the Slovak books market. Students will have an opportunity to learn specific vocabulary used in the given areas. Innovative learning texts, bilingual course books and a moder e-portal for self-studying will enhance students´competences.

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